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Specialist Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Meta Trak is unique in developing multi-point, wirelessly connected tracking and immobilisation solutions. Eliminating hardwiring between components means we can deliver you the best levels of covert security possible, using the smallest, smartest devices.

Security Guide

Your Complete Guide

At PP Protect Auto Systems we understand that the world of vehicle security, particularly stolen vehicle tracking systems, can be a minefield. With the seemingly endless choice of brand and product, we aim to streamline your experience whilst giving you the ability to learn in detail about how those products work.

Read through the various topics in this comprehensive guide to get a firm understanding of how modern vehicles are stolen, with which products to best prevent it and learn how it is those systems work to help protect your vehicle against theft.

Are you Looking to

Improve your vehicles security and prevent theft?

The products and systems we offer prevent the latest and most modern theft methods such as Relay Attack, Key Cloning and OBD Attack. All designed to steal your vehicle via use of digital keyless technologies in as little as 30 seconds.

Has your insurance company asked for a Thatcham/Insurance approved tracking system be fitted to your vehicle?

We now install Category S7 and S5 stolen vehicle tracking systems for insurance requirements/compliance.

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