PP Protect Ceramic Coating on a BMW i3S

Today’s Job is a BMW i3S has been delivered to PP Protect DE12 6AA from Tamworth.

STAGE 1 We Start the Pre Wash

  • Pressure wash any dirt deposits.
  • Snow Foam whole vehicle and leave for around 5 minutes to get into any traffic films on the surface.
  • Rinse from lower section of the car up working the snow foam instead of just top to bottom which will just rinse it off.
  • Hand wash with microfiber mitts and 2 capfuls of PP Protect shampoo in bucket with Grit Guards 2nd bucket clean water and grit guard to clean of wash Mitt every time before putting back into the soapy wash Bucket (2 bucket wash).
  • Rinse off with pressure washer.
  • Using a Masterblast air dryer we dry the BMW i3S.

STAGE 2 Now the BMW i3S is ready for Paint Correction

  • Equipment used for Prep on the BMW i3S.
  • Rupes Bigfoot 15 – Rupes Bigfoot 12 – Rupes Bigfoot nano-hybrid.
  • Benefits from paint Correction via Rupes polishing equipment Rupes spent years fine-tuning this revolutionary system. Its unique design and ease of use guarantees faster polishing time than any other system available (with a time saving of up to 40%), and allows you to achieve a flawless hologram-free finish, without sacrificing finish quality.

STAGE 3 De-Waxing all the Paint Surfaces

  • Using PP Protect Dewax we remove any waxes left behind on the paint surfaces leavening the surface clean and ready to apply PP Protect Ceramic Coating.

STAGE 4 Applying PP Protect Ceramic Coating HD Finish

  • We apply the PP Protect Ceramic HD Finish from the sealed flask to an application pad we evenly apply the coating to a panel of the BMW i3S we leave for 5 minutes on the panel no longer as the coating is aviation grade and cures very quickly not like standard car ceramics this is a specialist coating. After 5 minutes we buff the panel until we have a flawless shiny panel this process is repeated to every painted panel.

STAGE 5 Alloy wheels

  • Alloy wheels are also coated in PP Protect Ceramic Coating HD finish, wheels are prepped with PP Protect Alloy wheel cleaner and the coated giving great protection against brake dust and general road grime making them easy and enjoyable to clean.

STAGE 6 PP Protect Glass and Windscreen Ceramic protect

  • All Glass is cleaned using PP Protect Glass cleaner and then using the pre clean all Glass is ready to coat in the PP Protect Clarity coating giving the best vision and clarity for the driver and passengers coatings last for around 3 years Windscreen will need to be reapplied every 10k miles due to wiper friction this kit can be purchased from out online shop.

Fantastic Looking BMW i3S and a Happy Customer